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Jun 10, 2022

Although SEO has been around for less than two decades, it has generated many jobs for marketers and people from practically every industry. One billion websites exist presently, all competing for the attention of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and countless more. As far as organic and content discovery is concerned, SEO is still the best.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to improving a website’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Initially, most search experts were people who had previously worked in the marketing field for their businesses or websites. As a result, SEO experts may now earn salaries proportional to their experience, role, and the size of the company they work for by taking classes and making certifications in digital marketing. Current SEO specialists expect data analytics, writing, marketing, research, web content, HTML, link building, competitive analysis, and keyword research. Expertise in SEO tools like Raven, Moz, and others is also crucial.

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists are in high demand because most industries require them to be competitive. For the simple reason that firms need web traffic to run effective digital campaigns, SEO specialists are employed in various capacities inside digital and content marketing programs by web developers, content marketers, and many others. Whether you’re starting in the SEO industry or are already a seasoned veteran, a career in SEO will be both exciting and rewarding.


The following are seven everyday responsibilities and career pathways for SEO experts, both new and seasoned, who want to advance in their profession.

Search Engine Marketer

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are sometimes confused, but they are incredibly different in practice. SEM is a considerably larger term that includes SEO. SEM necessitates acquiring new skills such as Pay Per Click marketing (PPC), advertising, and some customer relationship management, as you will be required to promote to both customers and search engines. While many SEM specialists focus primarily on paid search, you can also specialize in SEM and SEO to manage all elements. According to Payscale, Search Engine Marketers earn a median pay of $45,255 per year, which is $2,300 more than a normal SEO specialist. You must be proficient with Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, and various site analytics for this position.

Consultant in Business Marketing

Some SEO specialists work as public speakers, professional business advisors, and marketing consultants. While this position typically requires you to have demonstrated success with your own or someone else’s business, it does provide the opportunity to work with companies almost anywhere, become a public speaker, and work with companies on a client basis to improve their marketing and strategic planning. Working as a consultant typically entails working with clients to provide solutions to their specific needs, planning and assisting in the implementation of search and other marketing initiatives, measuring the effectiveness of existing strategies and those you implement, and providing long-term support and stratification to those companies. In short, if ideas and techniques drive you, consulting is a perfect job for you. The average annual income for a corporate marketing consultant is $57,610.

Marketers on the Internet

Moving into digital marketing is a simple way to put your previous SEO experience to use while widening your skillset and raising your compensation. Digital marketers are often in charge of online marketing, such as SEO, SEM, PPC, and social media. This means you must be able to develop and implement marketing plans, use SEO, plan content, understand and use social media as part of long-term initiatives, use analytics and data management, and work with advertising platforms to drive paid traffic. A digital marketer earns a typical annual salary of $46,919, but applicable qualifications in online marketing, communications, and strategic marketing can increase your earnings.

Analyst, Marketing

Data analytics is a significant aspect of search optimization, and you’re probably extremely familiar with it as an SEO practitioner. As a marketing analyst, your primary responsibilities will be to use numbers to track the performance of existing efforts, find opportunities for new ones, and provide data-driven projections and reports. Marketing analysts earn $52,176 per year on average and can benefit from degrees in business analysis, strategy, market research, and SQL.

Marketer of Content

Content marketing is an obvious next step for SEOs that prefer working with content over links and stats. Content marketers require SEO abilities because they are directly involved in generating web content, blogs, outreach material, videos, graphics, reports, and other content. While your particular job will differ depending on the firm, most content marketing experts work as part of a marketing team to implement content decisions in a marketing plan. Content marketing pays substantially more than SEO alone, with a typical salary of $56,414 for newbies to the profession.

Manager of SEO

Search engine optimization frequently necessitates the collaboration of a team of analysts, data managers, SEO specialists, content strategists, technological experts, etc. The larger a company, the larger its SEO team, and the greater the value of an SEO manager. Managers must understand search engine optimization and possibly search engine marketing. Still, they must also directly supervise a team and marketing strategies rather than working with the mundane elements of data and link analysis. If you enjoy working with people, this may be more fascinating than SEO. SEO managers earn a m


Starting your own company allows you to bring your expertise as a Search Engine Optimization consultant to businesses on your terms. Unfortunately, your income will vary widely based on your business, launch, and services offered; therefore, there is no universal salary for people who wish to establish a business in SEO or digital marketing. However, if you have something to offer companies, prefer to work on a contract basis, or have another reason to start your own business, doing so can be gratifying and profitable in the long run.

As an SEO, you will earn a median salary of $42,931, and you will work in a rapidly growing field with several opportunities for advancement. This provides you with a unique opportunity to build your profession and then branch out into something more fascinating or with a higher pay grade, allowing you to continue growing and progressing.


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