How to Become an SEO Freelancer specialist

Jun 10, 2022

Those of you who spend a lot of time online, particularly those who have created content for the web, are probably familiar with the abbreviation “SEO.” SEO skill or expertise is a common criterion for many businesses and marketers who hire writers for their blogs or websites.

SEO may seem like a logical place to start for a freelancer looking to expand their skill set. For what reasons do companies and clients seek SEO writers in particular? So, how can you get started as an SEO freelancer in this world?

Here, we’ll explain what it takes to work as a freelance SEO and how you can do it part-time or full-time.

What does a self-employed SEO expert do?

The work of an SEO freelancer is mostly focused on the creation and optimization of online content. The material they create is optimized in various ways to improve its chances of ranking well in search engine results. In the end, they want to drive traffic to the website in question.

SEO freelancers commonly use the following tactics:

Researching keywords: Finding keywords that will bring visitors back to your site can be described as keyword research in its most basic form. Content titles, headings, and body paragraphs can all include specific terms and phrases that people are using. Aim for greater Google rankings by making smart use of these keywords in your article.

Comparing your content with that of high-ranking competitors is known as competitor analysis. To prioritize keywords in your SEO strategy, a technical SEO audit can assist you in understanding what you already rank for and what your competitors rank for.

Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization tactics that can be implemented on the website or webpage where you upload content are referred to as “on-page SEO.” Meta tags, providing structured data in your text, and adding important internal connections are just a few ways to optimize your page.

Contacting the media and establishing links is the art of persuading other websites to link back to your website (these links are often referred to as backlinks). Search engines consider links as votes of confidence, and your site will likely rank higher if you have many external sites linking to it. It is possible to build connections to your website through numerous methods, such as contacting publications and pitching them your story idea or looking for opportunities to guest post on other people’s blogs.

Businesses and people who rely on web traffic often look for SEO specialists. Directing traffic to a company’s website is an effective marketing strategy for some companies, particularly those engaged in e-commerce.

How can you become a freelance SEO expert?

SEO contractors are in high demand, so you’re not alone. An attractive option for freelancers, this is a highly sought-after industry. Anyone with a website wants to be listed at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). People’s livelihoods and revenue streams could be jeopardized by it.

Getting a continuous stream of clients as a successful SEO freelancer can be as simple as following the outlined methods.

Become an expert in SEO

Educating yourself on the most effective search engine optimization methods is always a smart idea. The better your webpages perform and the easier it is to bring in new customers, the more information you have. Consider reading more about SEO or taking classes to improve your subject matter knowledge.

SEO expertise can be found in the following places:

Classes. Online or in-person, A lesson can allow you to comprehend SEO fundamentals thoroughly. There may also be chances to collaborate or ask questions. It is possible to enroll in either free or paid classes. Coursera, Udemy, SEMrush Academy, and others provide online SEO courses.

Books. Check your local library or bookstore for SEO writing resources. You may learn SEO basics from several leaders in the field who have written how-to guides. For example, check out the most recent edition of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies. The Search Engine Journal may be of interest to you (SEJ).

Websites. Another excellent source of information on SEO tactics is a well-designed website. Google has an SEO beginner guide, while MOZ has The Beginner’s Guide to SEO and many other resources.

Experts in the field. Follow SEO industry leaders on social media to stay updated on the latest trends. You’ll then be able to stay up to date on the latest SEO best practices and opportunities to learn more by following them on social media.

Put your work in a book or online portfolio.

Clients want to know that they’ll get what they pay for when engaging an SEO consultant. Showing examples of your work is the best method to demonstrate your value. It’s a little more difficult at first, but you can start by creating your blog and adding material.

Prospective clients may easily see your work and determine if it fits them by looking at your portfolio. Compared to a CV or a list of credentials, this is more valuable.

The following are examples of a strong portfolio:

I want to speak with you. Place this information prominently on your portfolio for potential customers to contact you.

Your customers Make sure that potential clients know who you’ve worked with by including a list of your current or prior clients—link to articles or pages you’ve produced or optimized specifically for each of your customers.

The most relevant keywords to use. Provide a list of the keywords you’ve used to improve your site’s search results, the number of results returned, and your page’s position in those results. Including a link to the page that received the ranking is also good.

Information about the efficiency of a website. You should also add any statistics that demonstrate how your SEO optimization improved the performance of a client’s website. Try to keep track of before and after statistics, and include them if you can.

Examples of link building. Show how link building helped a website get more visitors by increasing its traffic and click-through rate (CTR).

Any other projects you’ve worked on in the past. For each technique you’ve implemented, please provide a specific example of how it boosted traffic or other metrics.

Acquire references and testimonials

Additionally, testimonials from satisfied customers can serve as additional evidence of your abilities and worth. Inquire if your customers are willing to provide a review of their experience with your company, and then post these evaluations publicly so that other potential customers can see them.

At first, it may seem odd to ask for feedback, but this is a typical occurrence. Make a well-crafted email template and utilize it for this. It’s a good idea to compliment the client on how much fun they were to work with. Afterward, make it clear that they are not obligated to write a review but that it would be very appreciated if they did.

It is your goal to make the client feel appreciated. Because of this, they’ll be more inclined to reciprocate. In some cases, you may be able to trade reviews with a client if it makes sense for you to do so.

Any platform you use to attract clients, such as Upwork, can post reviews of your work. Your portfolio or social media profiles may also be a good place to show off your work.

Build a website.

Making a website accomplishes a few goals. It serves as a landing page on the internet where potential clients can find you and learn about your services, view your portfolio, and get in touch with you if they’re interested.

You’ll also receive some practice in your writing before you get any clients. Please create your SEO-optimized content and submit it to your website. Clients will be more confident in your ability to meet their needs if your website exhibits sound SEO techniques and is visually appealing.

To make this process easier, you can use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Wix.

Use of social media

If you’re looking for a new job, social networking networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be a great place to start.

Freelance opportunities are frequently advertised on the social media accounts of businesses. Freelancer Facebook groups are common for people to share job openings they’ve discovered. Additionally, SEO specialists may occasionally offer possibilities on social media.

You can also share your numbers on social media. You were comparing your site traffic before and after an SEO makeover is an excellent way to show off your results and direct readers to your online portfolio if they’re interested.

Begin your SEO freelance job right now!

This tutorial should serve as an excellent starting point for those just starting SEO freelancing. Create a profile on Upwork if you’re ready to get started.

Upwork is a popular choice for firms looking to hire SEO freelancers. More than 60,000 tasks are advertised each week on Upwork, and more than 5 million organizations have entrusted it with their labor. Creating an account is free, and you can begin bidding on tasks right away by putting your best foot forward.

These tools and services are not linked with or endorsed by Upwork. These tools and services are presented as possible possibilities as a starting point. Still, each reader or firm should take the time to examine and determine which tools or services would best meet their individual needs and scenario.



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