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Content Ethics & Editorial Guidelines – Tek Enterprise

Welcome to Tek Enterprise, founded by Zach Jalbert in St. Louis, MO, a hub for professionals navigating the dynamic world of marketing technology.

Our Mission and Content Philosophy

Our core mission is to educate and guide professionals towards enhanced marketing outcomes. We believe in the power of content to connect businesses with potential customers and to grow influence and authority when crafted with expertise.

The Role of Content in Marketing

  • Influence through Content: We recognize that websites, blogs, and online resources are tools to connect organizations with potential customers. Our focus is on creating content that builds perceived authority, encouraging engagement and trust.

  • Educational Resources: Our resources are designed to address the convenience and demand for educational content in marketing, acknowledging the varying motivations and perceptions of different audiences.

The Internet as an Information Ecosystem

  • Navigating Conflicting Opinions: The internet is a vast ecosystem of ideas. We aim to help our audience critically assess online information, understanding that it often serves the creators’ agendas.

  • Ethics and Responsibility: We are committed to acknowledging the biases and motivations in the information we share, fostering an environment of responsible technology use and transparency.

Authority and Speculation in Content

  • Understanding ‘Authority’: We challenge the conventional understanding of authority in content, emphasizing the need for critical engagement with online resources.

  • Focus on Education and Analytics: Our content prioritizes educating our audience on various aspects of marketing technology, from data analysis to ethical content creation.

Our Editorial Approach

  • Transparency and Bias: We acknowledge the inherent biases in data analysis and content creation, striving to present a balanced perspective.

  • Empathy and Human Perspective: We believe in the importance of human empathy and verification in every process, ensuring that technology serves to enhance, not replace, human judgment.

  • Dynamic Content: Our content is a reflection of our current understanding and is subject to change as new information arises. We are committed to updating and revising our content to stay aligned with the latest knowledge and practices.

Editing Guidelines

  • Empiricism and Openness: We value intellectual rigor and are open to revising our opinions based on new evidence and superior arguments.

  • Responsible Online Presence: We advocate for responsible content creation and transparency, recognizing the increasing reliance on AI and software in content generation.

  • Updates and Revisions: Major updates or revisions to our content will be transparently indicated, ensuring our audience has access to the most current information.

Thank you for engaging with our content. We hope it serves as a valuable resource in your professional journey.

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Tekenterprise Blogs & Resources

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