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Jun 10, 2022

In recent years it’s become one of the most in-demand and potentially financially rewarding abilities. And our tutorial will teach you how to become a freelance SEO consultant, giving you a solid basis for self-employment success.

Satisfying Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists can develop their freelance careers sufficiently to start their agencies. And some have gone from working at their kitchen table to a million-pound exit. Even if you don’t achieve those heights, SEO can generate a high income from a rewarding job as you solve problems and assist other firms.

What exactly is a freelancing SEO Consultant?

SEO (search engine optimization) allows websites to gain more visitors and customers from search results. It can also increase traffic to app marketplaces, eCommerce sites, and video networks.

Many businesses may hire a freelance SEO consultant to highlight or address problems as-needed or continuous since they lack the necessary skills or resources. However, consultants can also be recruited to operate alongside in-house teams to provide particular skills or training.

As a result, you may be expected to audit a site and submit a written report or a presentation on what is required to resolve issues and enhance performance. Alternatively, it could imply months of hands-on work to make adjustments.

If search engines described every component required for good results, it would exacerbate the problem of spam results. So, while Google, Bing, and others provide broad principles, the SEO community builds expertise by testing, sharing information, and educated guesswork. This necessitates a significant time investment and is one of the primary reasons businesses hire an outside specialist rather than risk their website by attempting unproven concepts.

Most self-employed SEO consultants will work the bulk of the time remotely, only visiting client premises when necessary. As a result, knowing how to use project management tools and being a proactive self-starter are advantageous.

Many independent SEO consultants began their careers working in-house for a firm or agency but desired more significant control over their future by establishing their own business.

What certifications or abilities are required for freelancing SEO?

Before working as an SEO consultant, you must have no specific certifications or tests. Although there are an increasing number of courses and even Masters’ Degrees that may be useful, none are necessarily required.

Being organized and adequately handling a rising number of clients and projects are two general freelance talents that can help you succeed. Good communication skills are also essential when producing reports, creating presentations, or holding client meetings, especially for explaining technical concepts without jargon or buzzwords.

It would help if you also were interested or passionate enough to learn the fundamentals of SEO and general digital marketing. You may be expected to collaborate with specialists in content, social media, or paid advertising regularly, so understanding how each field can benefit the other is essential.

Some freelancers will prioritize expanding into an agency firm as soon as possible, focusing on management skills rather than hands-on SEO. But, presuming you’ll be working directly with at least a few clients, there are several fundamental skills you’ll need:

Keyword research is selecting relevant search terms and phrases with a high volume yet a low level of competition.

Basic HTML — While an increasing number of SEO consultants are skilled programmers, the very least you’ll need is an understanding of HTML to make minor modifications as required.

Intermediate content writing and SEO expertise — understanding how web page material affects relevancy are critical. It’s also beneficial to write and edit content efficiently to make the necessary changes.

With an awareness of technical SEO requirements and their implications – you may never need to code technical adjustments. However, you should be able to describe what is required and the rewards that will result.

Good understanding of current SEO trends and modifications – It may take some time for improvements to be implemented and effects to be seen. As a result, it’s critical to understand what search engines may change soon and how the most recent Google algorithm modifications may affect your clients.

Understanding of Analytics and Data Consoles – As a freelance SEO expert, you must justify your prices by demonstrating the benefits of your service. And that isn’t easy if you don’t know how to use the most popular analytics program (Google Analytics) and spot the SEO benefits. You should also be familiar with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and any other information each search engine offers.

What kinds of freelancing SEO consultants are there?

Many freelance SEOs will wind up specializing in specific businesses or areas of search engine optimization. Whether by chance or design, demonstrating a better understanding of a particular niche can enable you to get higher charges for your services.

As a result, you may work with news organizations, charities and non-profits, small businesses, start-ups, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) corporations.

Alternatively, you might concentrate on SEO specializations such as:

On-Page SEO focuses on what people view when they visit a website, primarily the content. However, it also covers navigation and design, which can lead to User Experience, Information Architecture, and other related topics. Alternatively, you may go into the more technical aspects of SEO.

Off-Page SEO: The primary focus is link building to persuade relevant sites to convey SEO authority to your customer.

Technical SEO: If you enjoy coding and studying Schema Markup, Core Web Vitals, and other topics, you might be interested in delving into the more technical side of developing websites and apps with technical SEO in mind.

Local SEO: Local SEO is the solution if your client has a physical presence and would like more customers to visit it. This places a more significant emphasis on listings such as Google Maps and Google My Business pages and enhances the company’s profile in its geographic area.

App Store Optimization: Like optimizing a client’s website, you may want to focus on increasing traffic to their apps and knowing how the Apple App Store and Google Play Store may deliver customers.

Video SEO: As the number of video platforms grows, video SEO practitioners will understand how to capitalize on the popularity of YouTube and other video networks. And raise the importance of the videos that clients may put on their websites.

eCommerce SEO can specialize in assisting online retailers with their physical storefronts. Still, it also includes optimizing results on the most prominent platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, and understanding how the two might affect each other.

How can you get started as a home-based freelance SEO?

Many SEO experts transition from working for a company or agency to a freelance profession. This suggests they’ve previously honed their skills in search engine optimization and may have client work in the works before going freelance.

If you’re starting from scratch, the most critical areas to focus on are learning, proving your skills, and finding your initial clients.

Google’s Search Central guides, the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO, the Ahrefs Beginner’s guide, and the SEMRush Academy are excellent places to start learning about SEO. And while there are numerous courses and certificates available, the quality and value will vary greatly. Do your homework before enrolling in any classes, or check for ones offered by recognized organizations (e.g. the Google Data Analytics Certificate, for example).

It isn’t easy to demonstrate your abilities if you do not have an existing clientele. You might give your talents to friends and relatives, small local firms that don’t have a freelance budget, or non-profits and charities. However, it is also quick and straightforward to create your website to demonstrate your progress. If you’re successful enough, you could be able to stop working as a consultant. Alternatively, you may discover that you avoid entirely early-stage, lower-paying clients.

There are choices accessible if you are having difficulty finding clients. The most frequent would be to post oneself on freelance employment sites; however, you may struggle to stand out from the crowd. This is where networking comes in handy. If you can establish a rapport with more experienced freelance SEO consultants, they may start referring you to work. Particularly if they wish to free up time from completing simpler SEO chores for their clients, this can lead to more sophisticated assignments or direct recommendations over time.

You can also provide white label services to agencies or other SEOs, which means you’ll be presented to clients as an extension of their team rather than a subcontractor. Or to web designers, developers, and other freelancers who may have SEO clients but lack the time or abilities to provide those services.

The advantages of these solutions are that you will make money while potentially gaining knowledge and relationships


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